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    Welcome to our website! Our fence company specializes in fence and gate installation and repair in both residential and commercial settings. Locally owned, we ensure that every job begins and ends with the utmost attention to quality and safety. Our experienced staff can help you from the planning phase and through the cleanup so that your new fence and gate are exactly as you envision them. When searching for "fencing contractors near me," we should be your first choice! San Mateo Fence Experts has been around serving the community of San Mateo for years. We operate locally, have extensive experience, and host a crew that is knowledgeable and efficient. ​

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    Fence Company in San Mateo, CA


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    Fence Installation

    Fence installation like many other minor to major construction projects that take place requires extensive planning. We will work with you to find the best type of fencing material for your property, what can offer you the benefits that fit your needs and our fencing contractors will ensure that we work around your schedule.

    When searching for fencing installation in San Mateo, you can immediately call San Mateo Fence Experts. Our fence installers work swiftly with a dedicated focus on safety.

    With our thousands of satisfied customers in residential and commercial locations throughout San Mateo, we can ensure that we will meet your needs.

    We take fences seriously as we’ve trained top-quality fencing contractors and work with only the best available materials. Additionally, we provide fence estimates so you can have a specific figure in mind before committing to a major project that will affect your property.

    San Mateo Fence Experts uses the same basic system for every fence installation but will tailor the project to fit the needs of the property owner and the property itself. ​

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    Fence Repair Services

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    Broken down, dilapidated, warped, or bent fences are no longer a problem. San Mateo Fence Experts offers homeowners or property owners a way to revitalize their fence at affordable rates. Our team understands that homeowners rely on their fences for security as well as visual appeal and a broken or incomplete fence is not offering either of those benefits. We work with a variety of materials and a well-educated staff to deliver repair solutions to every situation possible.

    San Mateo Fence Experts aims to help homeowners save money, increase the security on their property and restore any broken fence to its former glory. ​

    Residential Fencing

    Proudly owned and operated right here in San Mateo we’ve served the community for years and have built up a wealth of knowledge regarding homeowner’s needs.​

    • We provide home and property owners in residential areas with:
    • Swimming pool fences
    • Deer fencing
    • Privacy fencing
    • Chain link fencing
    • Specialty fence type installation
    • Gate installation​
    • Wood Fence and Gate Installation Services
    • Fencing repair
    wood gate and fence installation

    Our services always reflect the highest quality of work available showing extreme skill in craftsmanship, as our fencing contractors handle each job with care. We always following the best installation practices, use high-quality materials, and focus on maintaining safe work environments so you can have complete peace of mind. 

    Our fence installers will go over every detail of the project with you before starting the job to ensure that the end result is everything you imagined. We understand that in residential locations a fence doesn't just serve as a barrier between you and your neighbors; it provides many other functions. 

    Some homeowners want privacy in their backyards and request fences that offer that benefit, while others want a simple barrier to keep their dogs in and neighboring animals or people out of their yard. But in every case, we've worked on through the San Mateo area; residential jobs always affect the value of the home. 

    An eyesore, half-fallen or dilapidated fence can bring down the property value of a home, while a well-maintained fence that fits well with the visual appeal of the home can drive the property value higher. 

    Fencing contractors can help you understand how a fence can affect how you and others see and interact with your property. ​​

    Areas We Service:

    We provide expert fencing services for the City of San Mateo, California, including (but not limited to) the following neighborhoods, towns and areas around the city: 

    Burlingame, Hillsborough, Hillsborough Park, San Mateo Park, Alameda De Las Pulgas, Parrott Dr, Baywood Park, Highlands, Laurel, Haywood Park, Highlands-Baywood Park, Belmont, Foster City, Millbrae, S El Camino Real, San Carlos, Half Moon Bay, West Hillsdale Blvd, Westdale St, and the City Center. If you would like to inquire if we service your neighborhood, please call us by clicking the number below. We look forward to hearing from you! 

    Types of Fencing We Install

    San Mateo Fence Experts offers a huge variety of materials options to property owners including:

    • Wood fencing
    • Redwood fencing
    • Vinyl fences
    • Vinyl coated fencing
    • Chain-link/metal fencing
    • Slatted chain link fencing
    • Galvanized chain link fences
    • Wrought iron fences and gates
    • Picket fences
    • Custom wood fences and gates
    • Tennis court fencing
    • Security cages
    • Temporary fencing
    • Swimming pool fencing
    • Ornamental gates

    Our fencing contractor can help you decide which type is best for your property and your needs. ​

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    Wood Fencing

    Natural, durable and rich in color a wood fencing solution fits most homes and can withstand years of exposer to weather and other natural elements. Although these fences require occasional repair, a wood fence has the best value for the price.

    Vinyl Fences

    A long lasting option for property owners that want privacy and a fence that can withstand even extreme weather. Homeowners love that vinyl requires no maintenance but, in the event, that repairs are necessary there are only a few options available.

    Chain-link/metal fencing

    Chain link fence installation is one of the more time effective options for homeowners that are in a rush to have things done. It’s a low maintenance option that is budget friendly for nearly any property owners and offers a basic level of security.

    Galvanized chain link fences

    Unlike standard china link fencing, a galvanized chain link fence will be able to withstand years of excess rain, and strong winds as the galvanization help it last through these conditions. A galvanized chain link fence is resistant to both rust and corrosion.

    Wrought iron fences and gates

    Strong, secure, durable, long lasting and above anything else a visual statement. Wrought iron is a top choice for those concerned with security and durability while also wanting something that has a visual impact.

    Picket fences

    Most dream homes have picket fences, right? Any homeowner in the San Mateo can have their dream fence while still benefiting from it’s simple and durable structure. Picket fences are typically easy maintenance and can use a variety of materials such as wood, or vinyl.

    Tennis court fencing

    Not so unlike chain link, but different enough in structure to become its own type of fence, many homeowners use tennis court fencing not only around their tennis courts. We understand that importance of abiding by sport specific standards and can work with you to ensure that your tennis court is up to playing expectations.

    Security Cages

    Security cages for commercial properties and homeowners that are looking to provide additional security for their animals and belongings. This wire mesh is durable and extremely easy to maintain but may require more frequent repair if animals are giving it constant attention.

    Temporary fencing

    Construction sites, outdoor events, and even containing a smaller residential project such as putting in a deck, temporary fencing can help keep loose dirt under control, direct foot traffic, and even assist with crowd control. Our expert fence contractors can help you plan temporary fencing and install it quickly.

    Swimming pool fencing

    A major safety concern for homeowners throughout San Mateo, swimming pools are a hazardous form of entertainment and relief from the heat. The only way to reduce the safety risk is to put in a swimming pool fence. Swimming pool fencing uses durable materials and a gate system to restrict access to the pool area.

    Ornamental gates

    Style, versatility, utility. All the functionality that you need from a gate but with a style that matches your home and serves as a visual addition to your property. Ornamental gates can make your property seem more, or less, inviting and even direct guests where to enter the home. Use ornamental gates to boost the value of your property and serve as a substantial addition to your current fencing system. ​

    Fence and Gate Installation Process

    Step One: Space Planning

    Determining the space of the property, where a fence should lay and where it could lay in regard to the needs of the homeowner is always the first step of fence installation. San Mateo Fence Experts takes great care to help homeowners understand their options.

    For homeowners that only want to enclose a small portion on a large property, there are many options available. Additionally, those who want to enclose the whole of their property will need help identifying their property line to prevent any issues with neighbors or selling the property in the future.

    After identifying where the fence will lay, the fence contractor handling the project will determine the spacing set for each fence post. Depending on the fence type the fence posts may be further or closer together. Most fence posts have a six to eight feet distance between each other. This standard might flex more depending on your property.

    Step Two: Preparation

    San Mateo Fence Experts takes great pride in craftsmanship, so preparation of the land and the materials is a major part of the fence installation process. We prepare the land, marking for fence posts, preparing holes, burying each appropriately, and preparing the materials to hold up against high winds, heavy weight, and severe weather.

    Step Three: Setting the Posts and Raising Rails

    Depending on the type of materials needed for the project this step and all future will steps will have many variances. The most simplistic explanation of this step is that the posts and general frame of the fence go up and the fencing installers secure everything the bones of the fence into place.

    Step Four: Completed Installation

    The fencing material will go up and complete the installation. For fence boards, there is a high-level of craftsmanship where the fence installer will work diligently to ensure that the boards are vertical, plumb, level, and generally look good.

    Step Five: Clean Up

    A little mentioned step when it comes to any addition to your property is the clean-up phase. Often homeowners will realize that there’s a significant amount of mess from a crew working on their property for a few days and it’s reasonably frustrating.  We won’t let that happen. San Mateo Fence Experts always cleans up the mess leaving the property without a mess, and with everything in its place if it was moved for the installation. ​We wall also do a final walk-through with our customers, to ensure that everything is satisfactory. 

    Signs it's time for Repairs or Replacement

    Fences can sustain damage through a variety of ways that most home or property owners have little control over. From the weather to dogs and even fallen trees, your fence can go from fine too in disrepair quickly.

    Call San Mateo Fence Experts for immediate and complete fence repair throughout San Mateo. For many homeowners, fence repair is a relatively quick job which will take a few hours, however in the instances of extensive damage, replacement or requiring removal of foreign objects such as trees these jobs may take longer.

    Whenever you need fence repair for your home, call us at San Mateo Fence Experts.

    Watch out for these signs of a fence that needs repair:

    • Sagging
    • Binding
    • Flexing
    • Dragging gates
    • Pulling away from support posts

    These signs often indicate that there’s some aspect whether it’s a turnbuckle, or it’s fallen out of alignment. We offer repairs for turnbuckles, alignment issues, loose hinges, broken planks or pickets, gate problems as well as post problems.

    We offer solutions for long term support such as providing a more secure foundation over dirt with the addition of concrete in addition to the immediate repair. San Mateo Fence Experts can replace any posts that have rot or decay as well as aluminum posts that have rusted over or bent. ​

    Other Types Of Fencing We Install:

    Swimming Pool Fences

    In some cases, fences are a necessity for basic safety such as swimming pool fences. If you have a swimming pool, everyone from a dog to a small child or even a distracted adult is at risk. Swimming pools are fun and entertain the entire family, but that doesn’t mean they come without risk.

    Many homeowners opt for swimming pool fences that have elaborate gates or latch systems to significantly reduce the risk of someone unintendedly entering the pool area when they are not in a fit state to swim or when children do not have the proper level of supervision. Ideally, these gates are childproof. Speak with a fencing contractor to understand what types of gates are available with swimming pool fences.

    Deer Fencing

    For residential property owners that are in deer areas, we offer deer fencing. Unfortunately, deer don’t always do well when they get too close to other animals, not to mention they can wreak havoc on a patio.

    Keep away these gentle nuisances with a deer fence. One of our fencing contractors at San Mateo Fence Experts can help you decide which areas are best for a deer fence to protect your property. ​