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We take great pride in our craftsmanship, and all of our staff understand that quality takes priority above everything except safety. New fence installations are made easy with San Mateo Fence Experts.

Locally owned and operated, we’ve provided the San Mateo region with fence installations for years and have hundreds of satisfied customers. Our dedication to taking care of customers, using only top-grade materials, and catering to the homeowner’s needs have set us apart as the best fencing option in the area.

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    Fence Installation San Mateo CA

    San Mateo Fence Contractors – Our Process

    ​San Mateo Fence Experts practices these best practices during any new fence installation:

    • Prep the land and the materials before anything else.
    • Always let the materials set before sealing.
    • Focus on protecting the property and the people living there.
    • Base decisions on the worst case scenario in regard to weather and materials changing.
    • Install a fence that neighbors won’t mind seeing.
    • Place posts below frost.
    • Use only strong materials.

    As we install new fences, we like to consider how long the fence will last. There are many installation decisions and methods at play, and many of these decisions will impact how long the fence can go without maintenance or repair.  For some fences, it’s as easy as using the proper size posts and sinking them deep below the frost line. For other fences, the concerns are in using the right hinges to withstand the pull of the wind. ​

    What To Think About Before Fence Installation

    Many home or property owners know that they need a fence but don’t put too much thought into the type of fence or the many purposes that it will serve. Working with a fencing contractor, you can identify areas of opportunity to improve the security, safety and even visual appeal of your home. Fences are much more than a simple barrier and can provide many different functions.

    Consider Security

    Even a chain link fence which doesn’t seem to do much at first is a huge jump in security when compared to the option of not having a fence at all. Fences can help keep out unwanted animals as well as people. This function makes them a vital aspect of home security.

    Consider Safety

    Swimming pools and land with uneven terrain, open trenches, or even areas where root systems were recently removed are dangers that lurk in many backyards. When you’re preparing to install a fence consider what it can do for the basic safety of you and the people around you.

    Many homeowners don’t realize the risk they’re at when they have things like stumps or open trenches on their property that could lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Avoid these risks by fencing off unsafe areas.

    Swimming pools, on the other hand, you want access too, but maybe not everyone is old enough or experienced enough to have access. Fences can help avoid disasters.

    Consider Visual Appeal

    It might be the last thing that most people think about when it comes to installing a fence, but really take a moment to think about whether you want to see that type of fence every day. Our fencing experts can help you find a fencing material that you’re happy with, that is also cost-effective. ​

    If you are looking up “fence installation near me” you’ve come to the right place.  We can provide the skill and necessary services to beautifully design and install your new fencing for your property! Give us a call today for a free estimate on your fence installation project!