Fence Repair Service San Mateo CA

It’s no surprise to homeowners that the same issues affect fences all through the San Mateo area. High-speed winds, rain, water damage, damage from animals and even the unexpected such as fallen trees can wreak havoc on any fence. These common fence repairs listed below correct the damage from a variety of these issues whether they happened overnight, or over the years. ​If you’re searching for Fence Repair near me in the San Mateo area, give us a call for a free estimate on repairing your damaged or worn fencing on your property. We focus on giving you the best options for your needs, and will provide you with an exceptional quote for the value. 

fence repair near me

    Fence Repair Services – Signs It’s Time To Call Us

    Leaning Fence Posts

    Leaning fence posts might require replacement, but in some instances, all they need is stabilization or straightening. What causes leaning fence posts?

    San Mateo Fence Experts is here to resolve the problem that most often comes from rot or damage. Wood posts will rot throughout their lifetime and require a bit of maintenance. However, wood posts are not the only material that will lean over the years.

    Shallow posts will often lean due to wind damage over the years; aluminum has bent over time from weather damage and there many other environmental factors that can lead to leaning fence posts as well.

    Our fence repair experts will remove the soil from around the post, repair or replace the post as necessary, then provide a stable foundation of cement to secure the post into place and without a lean. San Mateo Fence Experts ensures that the staff will always leave projects clean, so you don’t have any mess to deal with after we leave.

    Heaving Posts

    The weather has a way of sending posts into the unwanted heave stance. San Mateo Fence Experts has a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff that can fix heaving posts quickly with little disruption to your property.  Our crew will quickly detach the post from the section, dig it out, remove the concrete or replace the post as needed, clean out the post’s hole and reset the post quickly.

    Damaged Fene Sections

    Nothing is as much an issue when it comes to fence repair as damaged sections. Post repair or loose posts are usually a quick fix. But damaged sections can require a team of fencing contractors to come onto the property and assess how to best tackle this project for fast, efficient, and safe success.

    Depending on the type of fencing materials used, repairing a damaged section might be as easy as setting in new wooden planks. However, for vinyl, aluminum, or wrought iron damage, the entire section might require replacement. Always discuss your options for repairing damaged sections with a fencing contractor, call San Mateo Fence Experts for timely repairs. ​